The 2010 Franciscan Alumni Association Reunion
June 24 - 26 in Albuquerque

This summer you are invited to participate in a Reunion of everyone who has been involved with the Franciscan Provinces of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. John the Baptist. It's open to anyone who has attended any of the formation schools (even if only for a year) and anyone who has been a member of either Province. Former and current teachers and staff are welcome, too! It will be a wonderful experience: Franciscan camaraderie, sightseeing, parties, food, brew pub, golf, casino, spectacular hotel at a great price, entertainment, etc. Above all, it's an opportunity to reconnect with classmates, teachers, staff and friars who have the same ideals, faith and sense of Franciscan community as you.

This year's Reunion (a.k.a. Chapter) will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a picturesque Franciscan city among mountains, deserts and the Rio Grande.

Updates are being posted to the FAA website as they become available. We are also keeping a list of those persons who have sent a RSVP - check the website often and see if someone from your class will be attending.

Last Update: May 30, 2010

     Our Host
     Who To Contact or to RSVP
     Who's Planning To Attend?
     Reunion Schedule
     Lodging Information

Our Host

Joseph "JD" Moya '70 is serving as the 2010 FAA Reunion Coordinator and he has put together a great team.

If there is anything special that you would like to see happen during the Reunion, please contact JD so it can be added to the schedule (if possible).

If there are any Friars or Alumni who are in the Albuquerque area who would like to help out, please contact him.

A special email address has been setup to make contacting the team as easy as possible. Just send your RSVP's, requests, suggestions or other information to:

Who's Planning To Attend?

So far the following alumns have let us know they're planning attend:

     Don Weller and wife '80
     Antonio Trujillo and wife '78
     Mike Demeter and wife '78
     Raul Martinez '78
     Matthew Jaramillo '77
     Paul Landers '76
     Butch Feldhaus and wife '75
     Mike Niklas '75
     Rick Gardner '75
     Mike Thomas '74
     Ted Gomez and wife '72
     Deacon Pat Valdez and wife '72
     Frank Gomez and wife '71
     JD Moya and wife '70
     Dave Imhoff and wife '70
     John Bruder and wife '70
     Gino Correa '67
     Phil Zepeda '66
     Ray Chappa '66
     Duane Torisky '64
     Fr. Jerry Steinmetz '61
     Fr. Richard Rohr '61
     Dennis Kirby '56
     Ralph Hatke '55
     Fr. Berard Doerger '52
     Mario Wagner and wife '52

Who To Contact or to RSVP

A special email address has been setup for the Reunion. is your one point of contact to RSVP or get additional information.

For information by phone, JD has asked that you call Darlene Sahd at 505-298-2111 for more information. She is a lot easier to get in touch with than JD, and will be coordinating many of the events.

Reunion Schedule

Thursday - Most People Will Be Arriving this Day

There will be welcome packets for all attendees at hotel as they check in, depending on what they've signed up for or what they want to sign up for.

A meeting room has been set up for us to gather at the hotel on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday night from 7 pm - 10 pm there will be a wine/beer and cheese party at the Moya house. Directions/map will be provided. No charge for this, although you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or a favorite beer if you wish. Also feel free to bring a musical instrument for the jam session/sing along.


On Friday tours will be available to sites and cities around the Albuquerque area. Currently they include a trip to Santa Fe, the Laguna Pueblo, Madrid and the Sandia Peak Tramway. There is also the possibility of a Golf Tournament at the Los Altos Golf Course. Of course Albuquerque is surrounded by Casinos.

Also on Friday, Antonio Trujillo '78 has invited us to tour the Guadalupe Vinyards which are only 20 minutes away from the Laguna Pueblo.

You are requested to RSVP should you wish to participate in any of the activities.

Friday Evening

During the evening hours we will enjoy Mexican food at the outdoor patio restaurant, Garduņos. The food is excellent and they have wandering Mariachi's. The cost per person is expected to be between $15.00 and $20.00.


Some of the tours/activities listed above will be available on Saturday. The final schedule will be based on the interests and availability of the attendees. That evening, the Liturgy, dinner and entertainment will be at the Friary. Dinner will be an old fashioned barbecue, with tubs of beer, grilled corn, salads, etc. Later that evening there will be socializing/party with oldies music courtesy of JD.

Again, you are requested to RSVP should you wish to participate in any of the activities.

We are pleased to announce the Fr. Richard Rohr will be the Celebrant at the Chapter Mass on Saturday, and wil spend the evening with us.

More information about Fr. Rohr can be found at the Center for Action and Contemplation website


The hotel is ready to take reservations. JD has arranged a very special price at the Barcelona Suites of Albuquerque, NM. Phone: (505) 255-5566. The newly remodeled, premium rooms are $89. The older rooms are $69. This rate includes breakfast for all people in the room. The suites also have a microwave, small refrigerator and a couch that pulls out into a bed.

The Director of Sales is Debbie Simmons; she can be reached at hotel at the number above or by email at The street address is Barcelona Suites, 900 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110. The name of the event is Franciscan Reunion Event.